GMCA Education Options

Grand Mesa Choice Academy is a public school designated as an Alternative Education Campus with programs designed to give students at-risk of not graduating from high school an alternative route to earning their high school diploma. Our mission is to serve at-risk students through building strong relationships, providing instruction in core areas that prepare students for further education, and building self-esteem so students have the confidence to pursue their individual interests as adults.

Each student who attends one of our schools is on an individual learning plan based on their individual needs to meet the requirements for a high school diploma. The goal of this learning plan centers on high school credits and district graduation requirements. It is our belief that, in addition to core curriculum, it is important that we also help students plan for a career and the world of work. We recognize that students need guidance in making appropriate work choices, therefore, this is also a focus for students in the program. The flexibility within the program makes this possible. The curriculum is offered in a variety of ways. Small group instruction and online classes are the main ways that content is delivered.

And yes, we do serve adults in our programs. The District currently partners with Delta County Health and Human Services and the Delta Library District to offer daily GED and Adult Basic Education classes at the Grand Mesa Choice Academy and the Delta Montrose Energy Tech campus in Paonia. We also offer tutoring to improve TABE scores for entrance requirements for programs offered at the Technical College of the Rockies or other certificate programs. Additional GED/ABE classes are offered in Hotchkiss, Cedaredge, Delta, and Crawford at the local libraries.

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